About Us

About MileniumTravel

 “Because we believe there is a whole world out there to explore and we want to be a part of allowing you to do that.”

MileniumTravel was created with the modern traveler's comfort and convenience in mind. Our goal is to continue to provide travelers with unique and essential products that can be used for any trip or adventure. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers and hold customer service to the highest regard. There is so much to be explored in the world and we look forward to being a catalyst in helping you do so. 

Your journey awaits! 

How we encourage people to travel more?

By providing easy-to-use, practical, and affordable travel equipment and accessories.

We will also be writing about interesting travel destinations and ideas on our weekly blog. So make sure to follow us!

Worry free shopping with us!

MileniumTravel adheres to the highest industry standards to protect your personal information.  Your credit card information and personal details are encrypted during transmission using SSL (Secure Socket Layer Technology), which is widely used on the internet for processing payments


Need more info? Contact us at Info@mileniumtravel.com